The length of error message

int sol_GetErrorLen( HGREN hEngine )

int sol_GetErrorLen8( HGREN hEngine )


hEngine - grammatical dictionary instance handle.

Return value:

Length of the error string, including the terminating '\0'.


Function sol_GetErrorLen8 returns the length of the utf-8 error string.

Use API function sol_GetError and sol_GetError8 to get the error text.

The error handling functions are not thread-safe. Another error can occur and change the error indicator between sol_GetErrorLen and sol_GetError calls.

C++ sample code:

#include "solarix_grammar_engine.h"

int l = sol_GetErrorLen8(hEngine);
char *err = new char[ l+1 ];
sol_GetError8( hEngine, err, l );

// ...


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