Media info plugins API

Media info plugins supply human readable information for CD, DVD, LAN hosts, Internet sites.


1. Plugin instance construction and initialization

 void* Constructor(void)

This procedure is called once per search engine session. Its main purpose is to load all necessary DLL, read configuration files and so on.

It returns the pointer to plugin object which is used in all subsequent calls as This argument.

2.  Plugin instance destruction

void Destructor( void *This )

It frees resources allocated by plugin instance during Constructor call.

This procedure is called on search engine termination.

3. Retrieve media description

bool GetMediaInfoTags( void *This, const wchar_t *Path, const Solarix::Search_Engine::PluginOptions *Options, IGrammarEngine *IGrammarEnginePtr, ISearchEngine *ISearchEnginePtr, wchar_t **ShortDescription, wchar_t **LongDescription, wchar_t **Tags, wchar_t **ImageFilename )

Information (if any) is stored in memory blocks passed via ShortDescription, LongDescription, Tags and ImageFilename. You are supposed to free these memory blocks by Free API call.

IGrammarEnginePtr is an interface to grammar engine services (morphology analyzer etc.).

ISearchEngine is an interface to search engine services.

Return value: true - success.

4. Free memory block

void Free( void *This, void *Ptr )

This function frees the memory block Ptr.

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