Search engine API: sample applications

All sample applications can be modified, compiled and redistributed freely provided license conditions are accepted and followed.

Simple MS Windows .NET front-end application using FAIND.DLL component

.NET component for MS Windows NET framework contains the whole search engine (all functions available for Win32 FAIND utility are supported). You can easily use this component in your program - API is quite simple and plain (see detailed info). All projects are compiled in MS VisualStudio.NET 2003. Do not forget to download and install .NET framework.

Simple GUI front-end >>

Simple console front-end >>

Download faind.dll

Simple MS Windows front-end application using FAIND.WIN32.DLL

This is another implementation of desktop search engine - for those programmers who do not want to use .NET Framework. This library is quite simple (it isn't COM!).

Simple console front-end >>

Download faind.win32.dll

Site local copy searcher and browser

more >>




Extended regular expressions - class RegexEx

MSVC.2003 project available at folder LEM\Demo\AI\Solarix\Search\Samples\RegexEx (LEM library must be downloaded) shows some basic abilities of "extended regular expressions" engine - class RegexEx. It is the core of Solarix Intellectronix search engine which makes it possible to cope with natural language pecularities (e.g. heavy affix system in Russian) using simple string syntax.

Execution of sample program requires dictionary file to be copied into program's folder.

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