Dictionary translator YGRES compilation from the sources

Dictionary compiler

Dictionary compiler Ygres is used to transform the text representation of the dictionary data (word entries, morphology and syntax rules) to internal format which is much more suitable for text processing by the grammar engine.

Source code can be found in \LEM\Demo\AI\Solarix\Ygres\Compiler.


The program runs on MS Windows, Linux, FreeBSD.

Additional libraries

The only library required is BOOST. The source code of BOOST must be available because the compilation scripts and projects refer the necessary libraries in BOOST.

Command line (batch) compilation

There are makefile's for different platforms in  \LEM\Demo\AI\Solarix\Ygres\Compiler. For example, makefile.linux is used to build Ygres under Linux:

make -fmakefile.linux

Microsoft VisualStudio IDE project

There are projects for VS 2003 (\LEM\Demo\AI\Solarix\Ygres\Compiler\ygres_msvc2003\ygres_compiler.vcproj) and VS 6.0 (\LEM\Demo\AI\Solarix\Ygres\Compiler\ygres_msvc60\ygres_mcvs60.dsw). It may be necessary to change the environmental variables containing the pathes for BOOST and LEM libraries: LEM_PATH and BOOST_PATH.


last change13-Mar-10