Create your own personal search system: how to use this Project

Resources for C++ and .NET developers

This division of the site contains a lot of resources for software developers: compiled tools for dictionary managing, debugging and testing the grammar engine (we are planning to pack all of the resources into the real SDK), source codes of all software, installation notes and API description.

This is project is open source. This means that we not only publish all source codes of all our software, but also put detailed descriptions of search engine internals (C++ classes hierarchy and so on) and grammar engine into the public domain. Code is published as is - no commentaries and remarks are cleared.


Embeddable search engine

Is obvious that present search engines are very complex sets of algorithms. It takes a long time to develop full-features search system with indexing, word rooting, boolean query logic and so on. If you design software system and feel a need to embed some kind of search service then it is really good idea to save your time and money and to use one of existing search engines. Our search engine has a very simple API. It processes the wide range of document formats, crawls the personal computer, local area network and web sites, has got indexer - see the full list of features.


Terms of use

Do not forget to read licensing information. The use of software from this site in any form is considered as your agreement with license terms. - project page at SourceForge

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