Portability of Solarix Intellectronix source codes

Compilers and OSes

Currently the source codes can be successfully compiled with:

Windows 98...XP  Borland C Builder 6.0, Microsoft Visual Studio.NET 2003, Minimalist GCC for Win

Linux Mandrake 9.2/10.0 GNU GCC 3.2

I do not expect any serious problem with other compilers except that used compiler must meet some requirements. The main requirement is partial template specialization. Old compilers do not often support  this C++ feature and can not be used therefore. Open Watcom is an example of compiler that does not conform C++ standard (special template specialization and namespaces).

I/O routines in project are based on standard C FILE functions family (fopen/fread/...). Unicode versions are applied in cases where possible (e.g Win98 has not native support for Unicode whereas WinNT family OSes does).

Some tools are console-based (including FAIND text search tool). This makes them highly portable to any platform. But there are programs that targeted to specific platform. For example, Integra desktop search utility requires .NET Framework.


changed 10.08.2007

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