Built-in indexer and cataloguer

New index creation

CD/DVD index creation requires only a few steps in Integra. First, start the program, select 'Zones' flag and invoke the indexer/cataloguer main window

invoking the cataloguer from the search system main window

You will see the list of indexes (empty by the moment). Click 'Create' button:

the cataloguer main window

Then enter the name of the CD/DVD and click 'CD/DVD':

new index creation form

If you wish to change the indexation parameters or select the documents to index (e.g. on hard disk or web site), then click 'Continue' and define the search domain.

Indexer displays the progress window:

indexation progress window


Index creation takes some time (it depends on the size of text files to be processed). Bulldozer icon in notification area has special appearing during the indexation:

changed icon in notification area - indexation in progress


When indexation is finished, the icon returns its normal appearance and notification message is displayed:

index created notification message

The cataloguer main windows now contains the name of created index:

cataloguer main window - the list of indexes

The program main window is also changed: the drop-down list contains the name of created index:

selecting an index in drop-down list


CD/DVD cataloguer

It is very difficult to operate the big set of indexed CD/DVD:

You can reorganize the list into a hierarchical structure (tree) by using cut/paste operations and aggregating the indexes into groups:

You can use the mouse right button click to invoke the index operations menu:


In order to search the group of indexes (i.e. the subset of CD/DVD collection) just select the group node, click the mouse right button and select 'Search here' in context menu:

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