Desktop search tool screenshots

Main window

The appearance of the search system depends on the configuration settings. There are three basic modes: compact panel, floating deskbar and taskbar panel.

Another important thing is a language of the interface (localization). The tool can be localized for several languages (the current user session language settings are applied by default):

compactThis mode is default.

Персональная поисковая система - главное окно

desktop search - main window

Desktop search - French words in query
      (French language in query)



floating deskbarThis deskbar can be moved to any place on desktop in front of all windows. Click the mouse left button and drag the panel. Right button invokes the context menu.

desktop search - tiny panel mode

desktop search - tiny panel form (French language query)


taskbar panelThe search tool is incorporated into the system taskbar (see configuration).



CD/DVD cataloguer

CD/DVD cataloguer makes it easy to handle the big collection of CD/DVD with documents. Just create index for each CD/DVD as a separate zone and rearrange the indexes:

CD/DVD cataloguer

You can organize the indexes as a tree structure (make new groups by clicking the mouse right button and use cut/paste operation to move the indexes to proper group).

Cataloguer can search in the group of CD/DVDs - just select the tree node, click right mouse button and select 'Search here' menu item.

Manipulations with indexes in cataloguer window


Search results browser

Integra can be configured to show the results by either built-in browser (default setting) or system default HTML browser.

Internal browser. The list of found documents contains the file names, file attributes (size, modification date, type) and text snippets with highlighted matches. Fast preview pane shows the selected document (it supports HTML, MS Word DOC, Excel XLS, Acrobat PDF, plain text TXT files).

search results in English
        (search results in English)

There is no implicit limitation for non-English documents in search results browser (the search engine internally uses only Unicode character encoding). For example, the results of searching in Russian:

search results browser - in Russian
        (search results in Russian)

The results of searching in French documents (zip archives as you can see):

searching in French
        (search results in French)


External HTML browser. The search results are formatted as HTML code, stored as a temporary file and passed to the system browser. For example:


Internal browser - grid mode. The found files and their attributes are arranged as a grid with selectable rows:

grid mode of search results browser
        (searching in Russian)

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