Search domain settings window

Search domain settings window

The search domain is a combination of documents list and several options which controls the parsing of file formats, handling archives and so on. Let's consider the problem: you need to search the documents without indexing (which can consume a lot of time). There is a 'radio button' on the program main window which enables the proper search mode:

desktop search frontpage

The button invokes the dialog window:

search domain options form

The list of documents is compiled from different sources: folders, single files, URLs. The buttons on left side is used for convenience. They add some common document sources like CD/DVD drives, local hard disks. 'Network' button invokes the LAN scanner which finds the LAN hosts.

Other tabs allow to set different parameters, like text encodings, file filters, internet crawler options etc.

Adding the documents to search in

This window contains the list of document sources (files, folders, URLs etc.) and several options (character encoding control options, file filters, some other settings). By use of buttons on the right side you can add the documents to the list:

the list of documents sources in search domain window

Integra tool is chiefly designed for personal usage on the local computer, but you can also search the resources in local area network (built-in network scanner) or internet (http and ftp sites).

The history of used domains

The last used search domains are displayed as drop-down list on the main window:

the dropdown list of search domains

It is possible to pick one of domains and edit it by clicking .

Search engine API

The search domain settings are transparently transformed into the set of search engine command. These commands are described in technical reference.

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