Search engine FAIND: downloaded files cache control options

What's the use of cache

Downloaded files cache is just a folder that keeps the files extracted from archives, compressed files and retrieved from web locations. Path to this folder is set by ini file. These copies of files let it simple to browse those files by clicking on the search engine result page (SERP) links - the same way most Internet search machines work. Otherwise the user would see only the little fragments of compressed files, and to browse the whole file he or she had to unpack the archives.


There are a few options to control the cache.

To display statistics (number of cached files and some other info):

-dcache info


Search engine does not delete caches files, because it does not know when these files are not referred by SERP (search engine result page) links. For this reason it is necessary to clean the cache up at times:

-dcache purge

GUI version of the text search tools Integra starts the cache clean up before closing.


In order to explicitly disable or enable caching do use options:

-dcache on

-dcache off

They are equivalent to



Additional information

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