FAIND: search tool installation and use

Text search utility installation for MS Windows

The installation is easy - installer unpacks all components and copies them into the selected folder (usually c:\Program Files\Faind). Some values are written into the Windows registry - they are used to uninstall the program if needed. Once the installation is completed you can configure the search engine by ini-file, although it is unnecessary until default values looks unsuitable for you.

No FAIND configuration parameter is written to the system registry, so you can copy the utility by copying its files.

The FAIND tool works in console so it is called not so easily as Integra search tool (GUI frontend for FAIND). Start console (START button - Run - cmd). Then type something like this (depends on the installation path):


c:\>"c:\Program Files\Faind\Faind.exe" -help=6


Apostrophes are used because the path contains the spaces.

For example:


Repeating typing of "c:\program files\faind\faind" becomes a little bit boring and annoying if you run FAIND often. So we recommend you to write a simple command file (batch file) like this one (faind.bat):

"c:\Program Files\Faind\faind.exe" %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9

 and store it somewhere accessible by PATH environment variable.

Additional information

Embeddable search engine API

Search engine commands

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