Search engine commands

Below is a list of all of the command for the search engine. Please note that some commands make sense only as arguments for console utility (as they print information directly to console screen).


aa » perform syntax analysis when matching the patterns

allow_partial » some words of query pattern can be unmatched

allow_audio » extracts tags from audio files

allowraw » enables text extraction from files with unknown format

allow_gfx » enables extraction of comments from graphics files

allow_video » enables extraction of comments from video files

allow_exec » enables extraction of comments from executables


case » case sensitive pattern match

cdrom » search CD/DVD drives

correlate » enabling simplified syntax analyzer

cp »  set the codepage for documents


dcache »  download files cache control options

dir »  search domain definition: the names of folders

distance »  maximum distance between matching words

dynforms » enabling the complex morphology analyzer

datamine freq »

datamine topic »


empty » true for empty files

engine » use an external search engine

exec »  execute a command on every matching file


file »  search domain definition: the names of files

flist »  name of a file with list of files to process

force_txt » consider files as plain text regardless of their extensions


href »  do follow the hyper references in web pages

hidden_query_fields » additional parameters for GET query string


ignore_contents »  do not process the documents contents

iname »  filter: case insensitive mask for acceptable file names

index »  indexer control options

       index create_domain » declare new index
       index delete_domain » delete existing index
       index dir » index database location folder
       index domain »  select index name
       index domains » list all indexes
       index delete_all  » delete all indexes
       index info »  print information for selected index
       index proximity » store word arrangement information in the index
       index purge » clear index database
       index reindex » reindex changed documents
       index refresh » reindex changed documents
       index off »
       index on »
       index stopwords »
       index touchfiles »
       index wordforms » use dictionary when indexing
       index dynforms » use more complex morphology rules when indexing
       index frequency » store word frequencies in the index database
       index calc_freq_rank »
       index totals »
       index topic » store document categories
      index backup » backup database files
      index restore » restore database files
       index files:FFF » dump the indexed file names in specified format
       index unlock_all » unlock all index databases
       index unlock » remove locks for given index
       index import » import index descriptions from server
       index share » enable network access for specified index
       index storecontents » store text contents of the indexed documents in database
       index store_metainfo » store document tags in database
       index show_metainfo » show document tags on result page
       index unshare » disable network access for specified index
       index list_shared » list shared indexes
       index add
» add documents to existing index



lan »  searching in LAN resources

language » load morphology analyzers for specified languages only

lexems_margin »  the number of words in match context to show

listfiles »  search results file creation

links » allowed links for thesaurus words matching


maxdepth »  max number of in-depth jumps by hyper references

modif »  filter: condition on file modification time

mycomp »  do search in all localhost drives

mydocs »  do search in "My Documents" folder

minbound »  min reliability of context matching

maxtraffic » limit the used traffic when crawling the web sites

multiword » classifing the documents by keywords

maxhitcount » limit the number of hits in results


name »  filter: case sensitive condition on file names

notname »  filter: condition for files to exclude


ocr » run OCR system for text extraction

ok »  do ask the confirmation to execute a command on every matching file

onceperfile »  do search every match in a file not only the first

ordered »  the word order in query pattern is significant


prefer_cp »  set the list of codepages to be used

preprocess » additional processing of text before indexing/searching

printfn »  print the names of matching files to TTY


query_filemasks »  filename masks for index search


recurse »  process sub-folders recursively

regex »  interpret the following query pattern as a regular expression

report »  perform the statistical analysis of processed documents

rename » rename an index

rx » following query pattern consists of the regular expressions for words


same_domain »  do not leave the original domain when crawling the web site

sample »  match the whole words against the following query pattern

semnet »  use semantic network

set_comment » set the comment for index

showcontext »  do print the match contexts when searching

size »  filter: condition on the file size

soundex »  do allow fuzzy search

stem » compare the words roots (use stemmer)

store_download »  switching the dcache on and off

strip_accents » remove diactrics (accents)

stripdecor » eliminate HTML tags from search

store_all_files » process all files not only text documents

sort » sorting the search results

subst_shares » makes the result filepathes correct for LAN access

target_content » match a pattern against the text contents of files

target_filename » match a pattern against the filenames

topic_db classifier administration

      topic_db load_xml FFF » load the list of categories from XML file

      topic_db train FFF » train the classifier by sample documents

      topic_db dump_topics » list all defined categories

      topic_db dump_topic TTT »

      topic_db purge » clear the classifier database

      topic_db same_xml FFF »

translit » use transliteration


unpack »  do extract the files from archives

uri »  search domain definition: web site address

urimask »  regexp mask on hyper references

urinotmask »  regexp not-masks on hyper references


verbose »  show more information

version » show the version number


whereis » search all hard drives for a given file or file mask

wildcards » simplified regular expressions with wildcards  * and ?

wordforms »  take the morphology into account when searching



Additional information

Embeddable search engine API

Search engine commands

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