FAIND text search utility screenshots

Languages and platforms

There are screenshots for different languages because the φaind search engine is designed as multilingual with full UNICODE support (languages in alphabetical order):








There is a search tool version for Linux - see screenshots.

The screenshots for Integra utility are also available.

English language

Searching for English pattern in PDF compressed by ARJ:

An example of boolean search (either dog or cat were searched):


New versions of the search engine perform some additional processing on the texts. E.g. the results of frequency analysis of President Putin's annual address to the parliament:



Russian language

Searching for Russian pattern in ZIP archive:

Russian morphology is completely supported by the search engine.

The search engine does not only search for patterns if files. Also it can perform some additional processing of the contents. The frequency analysis of the President Putin's annual address to the parliament is shown below:


French language

The results of the search for the word "homme" in "La déclaration universelle des droits de l'homme":

French morphology is correctly supported by new versions of the search engine, as shown by the following example (query pattern 'grand chien'):

French morphology

Spanish language

The regular expression hum(.+) was searched in "La declaración universal de los derechos humanos":

Full version of the search engine has built-in primary support for the morphology of Spanish language. Pattern 'fuerza' (force) was searched in the following example:

Spanish morphology example search


Chinese language

The word 神 (God) - is searched in Chinese translations of Genesis (Big5 encoding):

It is impossible to dump the search result to console, so the HTML results page is shown.

Czech language

Apache server documentation:

Polish language

Searching in Apache server documentation:

Linux version

Searching for pattern 'full text search engine' in a set of HTML documents (Russian locale):

SDK download page

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