Russian and English Morphology for Windows and Linux

Composition of the Grammar Dictionary SDK

The current version of the grammar dictionary SDK includes:

 The Russian morphological dictionary whose vocabulary and thesaurus contain 205,000+ entries, tens of thousands of synonyms, antonyms, hypernyms, hyponyms, paronyms, and so on. Instead of the Russian dictionary, you can choose the English one (see below);

 The English morphological dictionary containing some 210,000 entries;

 The tokenizer and the text segmentator (

 The module for morphological analysis of words and sentences (read more ) for Russian and English languages, respectively;

 The module for syntactic analysis of sentences (read more ) for Russian and English languages, respectively;

 The compiled DLL/SO for accessing the grammar dictionary database on the selected x32 or x64 platform (Windows or Linux), and a .NET wrapper for Win 32x/64x DLL with a large set of functions for declension, conjugation, checking the concord, defining a word’s morphological attributes, and so on;

 The compiled DLL and SO of the lemmatizer for Windows 32x/64x and .NET (with examples in C++), a stemmer, and a morphological keyword-searching library for .NET (with examples);

 The dictionary compiler, the script for extending the basic dictionary module, and the simplified Russian sentence analyzer for training purposes (the source code and the script for rebuilding the analyzer are provided);

 Windows/Linux applications: lexicon, syntax, and empirika;

 Windows applications: debugger (32-bit only), LexiconEditor, and Thesaurus;

 Examples of use written in C++, C#, and Delphi.

Please note that the grammar dictionary SDK does not include a text generator and a paraphraser.

The Windows and Linux SDKs are available as separate software products. The English and Russian versions of dictionary and analyzers are separate software products too.

Read a detailed description of the grammar engine API

Buy the Dictionary SDK

For more information, please contact the developers.

If you buy both Russian and English dictionary, you’ll get something extra for free: a bilingual Russian-English dictionary whose thesaurus also includes word translations.

Composition of the Grammar Dictionary SDK

Before buying the grammar dictionary SDK, you can download a trial version of the SDK for these platforms:

Download the Russian morphology for 32-bit Windows (20 MB)

Download the Russian morphology for 32-bit Linux (31 MB)

Download the Russian morphology for 64-bit Linux (31 MB)

You can freely use the trial version of the grammar dictionary in any commercial applications provided that you add a proper link to this website.

Except for some functional and quantitative limitations, the trial version is nearly identical to the full version. For example, the trial version has reduced versions of the Russian thesaurus and vocabulary, which contain fewer dictionary entries, synonyms, and other relations. It also lacks any means for adding words to the vocabulary.

The trial version of the SDK includes a simpified English language module. To use it, you only need to install or unpack the distribution package, and then copy the folder bin-windows-english into the folder bin-windows. The applications will be automatically set up to work with English words and sentences.

The morphological and syntactic analysis of sentences in the trial version of the SDK works just like that in the commercial version. The distribution package includes Lexicon, Syntax, and Debugger, which let you check the morphological and syntactic analysis in interactive mode. The grammar dictionary SDK also includes the component solarix_grammar_engine.dll (or for Linux) that lets you easily call the API functions from your code written in C, C++, or Delphi.

After installing or unpacking the archive to the subfolder ...\demo\ai\solarix\Grammar_Engine, you can find there several examples of calling the API procedures from programs written in C++, C#, or Delphi.

To try out the product’s functionality, you can also use the freeware application for morphological analysis of words and sentences.

The shareware application Russian Grammar Dictionary, which provides simple and easy access to Russian and English vocabulary and thesaurus through web browser-like interface, is available as a separate product.

Upgrading the Morphological Dictionary

If you are upgrading between major versions, such as from 9.xx to 10.xx, you will get a 50 percent discount.

If you are upgrading between minor versions, you can get a discount of up to 90 percent or even get the new version for free.

Installing and Using the Components of the Grammar Dictionary

If you are going to use the morphological dictionary on Windows, first run the main installer, and then run the installer for the chosen language. The necessary components and other files will be installed to the specified folder (by default, to C:\Program Files\RussianGrammaticalDictionary). Then you can go to the subfolder demo\ai\solarix\Grammar_Engine\Lexicon and see the example of using solarix_grammar_dictionary.dll.

To use the Linux version of the morphological dictionary, first unpack the archive, and then go to the subfolder .../scripts/build and enter the following commands in the console: su, ./, and exit. The dynamic libraries will be copied to their folder; then you can, for example, go to the subfolder .../demo/ai/solarix/Grammar_Engine/Lemmatizator/C and see how the Russian lemmatizer works. In the folder .../demo/ai/solarix/Grammar_Engine/LexiconLinux you can find an example of C code for using the Russian morphological analyzer.

To check if the Russian dictionary works, open the console in the folder ...\scripts\syntax, and then run the following testing scripts: lemmatizer-ru.cmd, morphology-ru.cmd, and syntax-ru.cmd. The lemmatizer and the morphological and syntactic analyzer will be tested.

To check if the English dictionary works, run the following testing scripts in the same folder: morphology-en.cmd and syntax-en.cmd.

Server Version of the Grammar Dictionary

To overcome some technical limitations due to using the local binary dictionary of this product, you can use the server version instead. In that version, the whole dictionary is stored in a relational database, and all executable modules, including the engine DLLs, work as database clients.

At the same time, the server version’s procedural API is fully identical to the one in the local version. Therefore, you don’t have to redo or even rebuild any programs working with the grammar dictionary via the API. All you need to do, is replace solarix_grammar_engine.dll with solarix_grammar_engine_mysql.dll, and when creating an instance of the dictionary, specify the modified configuration file dictionary.xml.

For detailed information on the server version, please go to the product page.

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