Russian Grammatical Dictionary and Thesaurus

This application is based on the Contemporary Russian Morphology Database. Its purpose is to make it easy to search and browse the modern Russian lexicon’s morphological data, including the declension and conjugation tables for nouns, adjectives, participles, and verbs. You can access the inflection and derivation data for more than 164,000 word entries and 2.3 million word forms via a simple web-style interface. A Russian thesaurus is also included, so you can display a wide set of synonyms, antonyms, and derivation links for each word entry.

Key Features of Russian Grammatical Dictionary

  Russian lexicon: The dictionary contains morphological information on 164,500 word entries, including informal, offensive, colloquial, vulgar, and profane words. It holds about 2.3 million distinct word forms.

  Russian morphology: grammatical category indicators for verbs and adverbial participles (transitive/intransitive, perfective/imperfective, modality), nouns (animate/inanimate), comprehensive declension tables for nouns (45,000 entries, 442,000 word forms), adjectives and adjectival participles (54,000 entries, 1,560,000 word forms), and conjugation tables for verbs (18,000 entries, 217,000 word forms).

  Russian word pronunciation: stress marks, the ё letter, and syllabic breaks.

  Russian word formation: diminutive forms for nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs (1,150), augmentatives and derivatives (220,000).

  Thesaurus: synonyms (60,000), antonyms (5,000), hypernyms, and more.

  Russian-English translations: more than 30,000 links.

  Word usage: text samples with highlighted word occurrences, and word entry frequency.

  The dictionary has a user-friendly web-style interface: lexicon and thesaurus navigation, instant word search, globbing and fuzzy search, and printable word entry pages.

 Russian On-Screen Keyboard — see details.

Grammatical Dictionary Screenshots

Russian noun declension

Russian verb conjugation Russian adjective declension

Russian noun declension table; derivation and usage samples

Russian verb conjugation table and derivation Russian adjective declension table

Word Entry Page Layout

The word entry page header contains important morphological information, such as gender and animacy for nouns, or aspect for verbs and participles:

Russian verb grammatical attributes

Thesaurus: This data section shows different kinds of relations between words, including synonyms, diminutives, augmentatives, antonyms, and derivatives:


Download the Russian Grammatical Dictionary

Download Russian Grammatical Dictionary

System Requirements

The current version of the application requires:

 MS Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

 512 MB of RAM

 300 MB of disk space

Grammatical Dictionary API

You can access the linguistic information contained in the Russian morphology database via the C-style API. Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X versions (both x32 and x64) are available, as well as a .NET wrapper.

You can also access the lexicon and thesaurus by using the SQL Dictionary SDK. It is available for MS SQL, Firebird, MySQL, and other RDBMSs.

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