Russian Thesaurus and Grammatical Dictionary

 Russian Grammatical Dictionary


  Lexicon: more than 115,000 word entries

  Morphology: case, gender, aspect, number indicators

  Nouns, adjectives and verbs flexion

  Instant word search, fuzzy, prefix and pattern

  Word formation and derivation

  Thesaurus - synonyms, antonyms, deminutives, etc.

  Stress marks, syllabic breaks

  Usage samples


 Compatibility: Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7



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Grammatical Dictionary SDK


  Platforms: MS Windows, Linux, 32/64

  Bindings: C C++ C# Delphi


  Noun and adjective declension

  Verb conjugation

  Thesaurus lookup

  Morphological and syntax analysis


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SQL Dictionary and Thesaurus


  Supported RDBMS: MySQL, MS SQL, FireBird, SQLite

  DB Access: native APIs, ODBC, ADO.NET

  .NET ORM Persistent Dictionary Library

  SQLex - dictionary editor



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